Palmcricket Manual

  Batting Accolades  


The Crico character makes his appearance with somewhat of a fanfare to award a batting accolade whenever a batter, the current partnership or the total score reaches a milestone in multiples of 50 runs, i.e. at 50, 100, 150 ... etc.

Batting accolade

The fanfare sound volume is linked to the game sound volume control accessed via the PalmOs Prefs button and can be set to any of the four options: off, low, medium and high. The high setting is recommended for scoring a match while umpiring, whereas the off to medium settings are more appropriate when scoring outside the field of play.

The default accolade interval is 50. For matches involving very young players, intervals of 10, 15 or 20 runs would be more appropriate. The desired accolade interval can be entered by tapping on the Utils button to call up the Utilities screen, then the Accolades button, as per the screen sequence shown below:

Accolades, utility Accolades button

Accolades entry

Thereafter, accolades will be triggered at the newly entered run interval.


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