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  Batting Summaries  


The Bat button is used to display batting summaries at any stage, for all completed innings. This is quite useful when players want to know what their figures during or after the match, or when scorers need to reconcile score sheets.

Batting summary button Batting summary screen

On the summary screen, the left and right arrow buttons allow one to scroll to the previous or next innings. The up and down arrows scroll the screen up or down by four players, so that one can view statistics for all 15 positions (normally only applicable in junior cricket matches involving very young players, 9 and 10 year olds).

To see a detailed ball-by-ball analysis of the player's batting performance as shown below, tap on any player's name.

Player batting detail

[Note: Refer to time spent at the crease for an explanation of how batting times are calculated].

Fall-of-wicket and batting partnership statistics can also be viewed by tapping the FoW or Part buttons on the batting summary screen.

Fall of wickets summary Partnership summary

In the case of batters batting again, having retired or been dismissed earlier, the returning batter will occupy another batting position. Since the database is limited to 15 players and 15 batting and bowling positions, this becomes a constraint when the combination of total players and returning batters exceed 15 (again only applicable to junior cricket).

The Shuf button is used to correct a batter selection error in any innings, at any time after the error. This allows an incorrect batting order to be "shuffled" by selecting the correct player to replace an incorrect player at any completed or current batting positiong. This requires only four quick steps. First tap the Shuf button, then tap on the incorrect batter, next select the correct batter and finally, tap the Done button.

Shuffle batting order step 1 Shuffle batting order step 2

All runs, balls faced and event timing are credited to the correct player. The incorrect player is placed back in the "hut", with status set to "did not bat".

This correction applies only to correcting an error made originally when selecting the next player coming out to bat. It must not be confused with the correction of a dismissal error, available under the ball-by-ball edit.


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