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  Bowling Summaries  


The Bowl button is used to display the bowling summaries at any stage, for all completed innings. To see a detailed ball-by-ball analysis by over, tap on any players name on the summary screen shown below in the middle. This will bring up a screen similar to the one shown below on the right, where the over number, individual balls, analysis by over and running analysis are displayed on each line.

Bowling summary button Bowling summary screen

Bowler analysis by over

On the summary screen, the left and right arrow buttons allow one to scroll to the previous or next innings. The up and down arrows scroll the screen up or down by four players, so that one can view statistics for all 15 positions (normally only applicable in junior cricket matches involving very young players, 9 and 10 year olds). On the detailed ball-by-ball screen on the right, up and/or down arrows will appear when there are more than 10 overs. This allows one to scroll through all possible overs bowled by the specified bowler.

The Detail button above is used to display the bowling analysis for the entire innings, for each over in sequence. As for the analysis by bowler, scroll buttons allow one to view any batch of approximately ten overs. The Top and Bottom buttons allow one to move to the first and and last over in the innings.

Bowling detail in over sequence


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