Palmcricket Manual

  Breaks in Play  


The Stop/Start button handles all activities related to starting new matches, breaks in play, ending an innings and completing a match. The sequence below illustrates a typical drinks break.

Stop button Drinks break

Resume after drinks break

During the drinks break, the button label changes to Play. Tap the button once to resume the game.

A new match can be started at any time during a current match by tapping the Stop button and recording the break as Match completed. The match status will then change accordingly and the Stop/Start button will read Start. Refer to starting a new match for more details.

Normal breaks in play are handled by tapping Stop and selecting the correct break from the Stop Play screen. The main screen displays the break, scoring buttons are disabled, and the Stop/Start buttons displays Play. Tap Play to resume scoring after the break. Breaks in play can also be selected directly after an over has been completed or after a dismissal. This follows the same process as above, except that when scoring resumes after completion of the break, the next bowler or batter must first be selected from the player list. Breaks between innings should be indicated on the Stop Play screen by tapping the appropriate end of innings break. Generally, if the end of the innings or match was reached simultaneously with the end of the over (as in the case of limited overs matches), then the end of over need not be indicated first, as the bowler statistics will fix up the partial overs with 6 or more balls bowled.

When play resumes after the end of innings, options are presented which allow for different possibilities (next team bats, follow on etc). Although 4 separate innings are allowed, Palmcricket will not restrict which team bats next, so that it is possible for the same team to bat 4 times, or the first team to bat again immediately, or any other combination within the 4 allowed innings. This provides some flexibility, particularly for coaching purposes, or when the batting positions exceed 15. Coaches can come up with innovative training matches played over a number of days or even weeks, even when scoring other matches between training sessions. The archiving and restore facilities allow such innovations with ease.


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