To buy Palmcricket, click on a link below.

South African orders

Order direct, if based in South Africa.
(Palm m500, SD cards and readers)

UK orders

Use PayPal, if based in the UK.
(Registration code only))


Australian orders

Order direct, if based in Australia.
(Palmcricket registration and CD)

USA orders

Use PayPal, if based in the USA.
(Registration code only)


Please note: When placing an order from South Africa or Australia, an ON-LINE payment will NOT be required. After completion of the on-line order form, only an order confirmation e-mail with and our banking details will be generated and sent. The customer must then complete the purchase by making payment separately via electronic funds transfers, direct bank deposits, or by faxing credit card details to us.

On-line payments by credit card can be made via PayPal from any country by clicking on the UK or USA flags

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