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Two real time clocks are provided on the top line of the main screen, with elapsed time shown on the left and actual time of day on the right. These clocks are updated every second. The focus of the elapsed time clock can be changed by tapping on the clock and then selecting the focus, as shown in the screen sequence below:

Change elapsed time clock Change elapsed time focus

The prefix to the elapsed time clock indicates the focus, where m = match, d = day, i = innings and s = session. The elapsed time clock is still somewhat experimental, and depends on the duration of breaks in play for its accuracy. As at revision 1.29, it is not yet responsive to backspace actions that remove breaks. Incorrect timing calculations may result when breaks are reversed. Further sophistication will be introduced in revision 1.30 to handle timing adjustments to the elapsed time clocks when making backspace corrections to breaks.

Another elapsed timer clock, indicated by the prefix w (for wicket), comes into focus automatically directly after a dismissal. This clock indicates the time elapsed between the dismissal and the next ball bowled, as shown below. It can be used to assist the umpire in deciding upon appeals for "timed out" dismissals.

Dismissal clock


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