Palmcricket Downloads

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Palmcricket 1.50  8 February 2015 (Zip file, 113 kbytes). Download this if you only want to transfer Palmcricket software to your handheld via Hotsync or SD card.
Note: As as from revision 1.50, Palmcricket no longer requires registration of a valid software licence. Revision 1.50 is fully featured and will never revert to demo mode.

P-Viewer Setup 2.07c1  9 February 2015 (Zip file, 810 kbytes). Installation of P-Viewer 2.07d and CHM help file on Windows computers. The help file also includes Palmcricket 1.50 user guidelines.

All in One Installation on Windows Computers  9 February 2015 (Zip file, 895 kbytes). Includes installation of P-Viewer 2.07c, automatic add-on of Palmcricket 1.50 into all Palm User folders for transfer during next Hotsync and CHM help file. Note: Use this only after installation of the Palm Desktop and correct Hotsync operation.

Palmcricket matches wrapper  14 March 2015 (Zipped file 4 kb). Utility that allows one to copy all Palmcricket matches from the handheld unit to SD card, or to delete all matches on the Palm unit, without using Palmcricket directly. Note: Use this only as a last resort to bypass Palmcricket fatals error that prevent access to Palmcricket score-sheets. Follow the instructions included in the zip file carefully and systematically.


 Palmcricket documentation: 

CHM help format (for P-Viewer 2.07c & Palmcricket 1.50)  8 February 2015 (Zip file, 621 kb).  

Palmcricket 1.50 User Guide (pdf format)  8 February 2015 (Zip file, 2 Mb).  

P-Viewer 2.07 User Guide (pdf format)  8 February 2015 (Zip file, 368 kb).  


 Provided by other parties (but located here for convenience): 

Palm m500 User Manuals  Quick Start and User Guidelines (Zip file, 2 Mb).

Palm Desktop Version 4.14  (Windows) Developed by Palm One (2004) (Zip file, 15.8 Mb). Leaner and runs faster than 6.22, should work on most MS Windows systems.

Palm Desktop Version 6.22  (Windows) Developed by Access (2007) (Zip file, 66.8 Mb). Slow and bloated, not recommended, use only if 4.14 fails.

Windows 7 64-bit Palm USB Driver  (Windows) Developed by Aceeca (2012) (Zip file, 665 kb). Install this driver for Palm Hotsync to function properly on computers running Windows 7 64-bit or later.


 Infra-red print server: 

Stevens Creek Software print server

Follow the links to download SCSPrint.prc (useful for printing directly via infra-red from other Palm applications, as well).


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