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  Edward Fox - Wichita World XI Cricket Club, Kansas, U.S.A.  


Edward Fox Edward Fox, originally from Grafton in New South Wales, Australia, is a passionate but, by his own admission, very average club cricketer. He met his wife Alice in 1989 in a duty free store where he was working in Brisbane. An American tourist visiting Brisbane, Alice was taken by Edward's sense of humor and decided to ask him out. Well the rest, as they say, is history. Edward moved to Wichita, Kansas in 1990 and was married to Alice in February of that year. He thought that he would be giving up cricket forever (in Edward's dictionary, cricket is always spelled with an uppercase C). From 1990 to 2002, he had barely followed the cricket from back home. Relatives sent the odd video tape or newspaper, but it was the 1999 Cricket World Cup that was televised on US Satellite that stirred the old familiar passions again. Even Alice got hooked on cricket after the Aus v RSA tied match. Edward started doing some research via the internet and found out that there were more than 400 cricket clubs across the USA and that maybe his passion for the game could be rekindled. With a trip back to Australia in 2002 things really started to fall into place. While in Australia, his sons Jason and Brandon were given a backyard cricket set, and with their dad, they played cricket almost every day. After coming home to the USA, the boys talked their dad into showing the PE teacher at their school the game of cricket. One thing led to another and soon Edward was invited to share his cricket ideas at schools throughout the Wichita area.

Meanwhile, Edward and Alice decided it was time to move ahead with one of their dreams, the purchase of property on the outskirts of town. In November 2002, they purchased a house on 15 acres, in the town of Haysville, 15 minutes south of Wichita. Phase 2 of the cricket dream was coming true. Since Edward's earliest cricket memories, he’d always wanted his own ground to play on. No more being shooed off by the older, bigger kids, it would be his to do with what he wanted . So work started on a portion of that 15 acres to turn it into a private cricket field. A field of dreams, as it were.

Next, 3 things happened at almost the same time. He:
  • Started an adult cricket club the “Wichita World XI CC”
  • Launched a kids program in schools called “HOT SHOT CRICKET”: Have fun, Make friends, Play Cricket!
  • Started a Junior cricket development program utilizing HSC to work with kids outside of school.
He laid the pitch in April of 2003,and named the field FOXFIRE FIELD (Foxfire is an illuminating moss that grows on old wood in American forests). Hence “Foxfire Field, illuminating Kansans to Cricket”. In 2005, they built a 1500 sq ft pavilion at the field with dressing rooms and other facilities. In 2006, 20,000 sq feet of Bermuda sod was laid to improve the infield. Also added was a stump cam and a pavilion camera, showing the action in the center on a 52” big screen. (Yes, Edward is cricket mad). In 2007 playground equipment is being added to entertain the young ones.

Edward came across Palmcricket after an exhaustive search of the internet for the best scoring software options, knowing he was going to be working with many people that had little of no knowledge of cricket. He was looking for something that would be easy to use, teach and learn, but with enough depth to be able to record all the important happenings on the field of play. With initial skepticism, he purchased Palmcricket in June of 2003. Since then, he has used Palmcricket to score all of the WWXICC’s matches as well as all the Junior’s matches and has become a huge promoter of Palmcricket.

In his own words: “I wasn’t sure when I first bought it, but I have found it to be an amazingly simple program to use, whether I’m out in the middle umpiring or in the scorer's box, I find Palmcricket to be brilliant. I taught my wife Alice, with no cricket experience at all, to use it in 30 minutes, and have found it to be a most rewarding purchase. From being able to track the stats of past games to just have all the score sheets in one place and not having them gone moldy in the bottom of some box in the garage. Being able to email them to all my team mates is a big plus. I don’t know how any club would ever go back to paper, once they have tried scoring with the Palmcricket Software".

Edward has now combined Palmcricket with Cricket Statz to produce end of season statistics for their club. He has also been promoting it to the point that his league, after seeing its capabilities, has now made Palmcricket scoring mandatory across the league.

Edward Fox is captain of the Wichita World XI Cricket Club in Kansas, current president of the Tri-State Cricket League comprising teams from Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma, and secretary of United States Junior Cricket. He is very happily married to Alice and has 3 Children Jason, Brandon and Ashlyn as well as 2 dogs, Cricket & Prince & a cat Kiki.

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