P-Viewer Manual

  Exporting the Score-Sheet into HTML Format. 


To export the currently open score-sheet to HTML format, use any of the following methods:

  • Click on the "HTML" icon on the tool bar.
  • Click on the menu items "File" and "Export" and then "HTML" on the menu bar.

  • Use the keyboard sequence ALT-F and ALT-E and ALT-H.

All of these above options will result in the "Export to HTML File" window appearing on the screen.

Navigate to the desired folder by clicking on the drop-down button , the "Up One Level" button, or any of the folders shown in the large box in the middle of the window. Then type in a new file name in the text box and click in the "Open" button to export the file.

Existing HTML files shown in the large box can also be overwritten by double clicking on the file name. Once the score-sheet is in HTML format, one can either edit the HTML tags using any text editor, or use any other suitable web-design software in order to customize the layout. Currently the score-sheet will be exported to HTML is summary format only.


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