Palmcricket Frequently Asked Questions

 What about extras? 


Extras are recorded by first tapping one of the 7 extra buttons, on the lower left two rows of the scoring block to highlight the extras type, then tapping the number. Convention: w = wides, n = no-balls, b = byes, L=leg-byes, pf = penalty awarded to fielding side (e.g. batsman wasting time), pb = penalty to batting side (e.g. fielders wasting time), n+ = no ball plus runs off the bat. The extras buttons work like shift keys in that they do not in themselves trigger a scoring event, but supply a different context to the scoring buttons.

Thus, in order to score a wide, first tap on the w button, then the 1 button, as shown on the right. The second tap will trigger the scoring event. If an extra button is tapped by mistake, tap it again to switch of the shift state. From this it follows that extras cannot be triggered by the dot button.

Extra runs on dismissals (eg a stumping on a wide) are recorded by first highlighting the two shift buttons (tapping on w and Out in any order) and then triggering the event by tapping the 1 button, as illustrated.


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