Palmcricket Features

  Specially designed for Palm handheld computers:  

Palm handheld computers represent a perfect solution for scoring cricket matches. These durable, inexpensive devices are light enough to fit in one's shirt pocket and most models have sufficient battery life to score a full day's play, with ease. In addition to their normal day-to-day diary and appointment functions, they also have enough memory to a store a large number of cricket matches. Palmcricket, designed to work with any Palm handheld computer with 500k free memory running Palm OS 3.5 or later, utilises the mobile capabilities of Palm handheld devices to the full.

Although developed for Palm devices, PalmCricket is also fully certified to run on modern Android or Windows Mobile smart phones and tablets using StyleTap , a PalmOs Emulator that can be purchased directly from StyeTap for $50.

   True mobility for outdoor scoring while umpiring  

Palmcricket is ideal for cricket coaches, scorers and umpires at cricket fields without access to electrical power. With Palmcricket, one can easily score while umpiring (a real advantage for overworked school and club coaches who have to do everything during a cricket match). Cricket enthusiasts can also score international one-day matches and test cricket from the comfort of their stadium seats or home lounge chairs. Professional and media scorers at international matches can now also benefit by replacing bulky and expensive PC scoring systems with Palm handheld computers running Palmcricket.


  Score all types of conventional cricket matches:  

Palmcricket caters for all conventional cricket scoring requirements, from 5-day test matches and one-day internationals, to week-end club matches and junior cricket played on a Saturday morning. The program allows for up to two innings per team, per match, with unlimited overs per innings. It handles all possible events covered by the latest MCC cricket laws, including allowance for batting and fielding penalties. It also caters easily for different bye-laws and interpretations.


   Simple operation, with one-tap scoring:  

No irritating confirmation screens and multiple buttons after every event, just clean and effective scoring, with the minimum number of taps. The speed and simplicity allows one to score whilst umpiring. Captains and players love having such up-to-date analyses available right at the stumps!


  Ball-by-ball database: 

Palmcricket automatically stores every scoring event to the built-in database, in real time. There is thus no need to "back up" the match after every ball or over, in case of mistakes. Effortlessly change to other Palm applications, and return to the exact match position at any time, even change batteries during a match. Mistakes are easily corrected either immediately using a back space button, or later using the comprehensive ball-by-ball edit facility. Correct any ball in any innings, at any time.


  Print score sheets at the match, using infra-red: 

No need to hurry back to the office to transfer the match data for printing from your desk-top. Built-in support for Stevens Creek Software print server allows you to print score-sheets to portable battery-driven printers with infra-red capabilities such as the HP Deskjet 350, anywhere, any time. This works especially well at isolated venues without electrical power.


  Handle all stoppages effortlessly: 

Drinks, lunch, tea, close of play, declarations etc are all catered for and recorded in the database, with special allowance for early breaks after fall of a wicket. Palmcricket also accommodates mid-over bowling changes easily, with bowler partial overs recorded correctly.


  Archive completed matches: 

Store up to 10 completed matches directly on the Palm handheld and more than 200 matches on replaceable SD cards, to restore/view/delete when needed. Achieve complete mobility by going on tour with one's Palm handheld, and scoring all the tour matches, without coming near a desktop pc. Transfer data to the desktop at one's leisure for later review, transfer to statistics programs or publishing on the web.


  Tight, fast, effective coding: 

Palmcricket was developed using the gnu open source C compiler for native code interface to Palm OS. It needs no bloated run-time modules, leaving more space for matches. The complete program occupies less than 260k. Download the software in minutes, no huge Mbyte overhead.

Ball-by-ball databases occupy only 70k for a full 5-day test, and 25k for a 50-over one-day match. So even on the Palm m100, one could easily save ten 5-day tests, in addition to the current match. The speed and simplicity allows anyone with a basic understanding of cricket to start scoring immediately.


  Full functionality:

"Try before you buy". Download the full package, and evaluate all features, inclusive of multiple innings scoring, printing etc. As from version 1.50, Palmcricket has no built-in licence registration or irritating fall-back into demo mode.


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