Palmcricket Frequently Asked Questions

  Help! Palmcricket crashed with a fatal error during a match. What do I do now? 


Palmcricket is being used by over 500 scorers world-wide. Beta testing is rigorous and takes place over a long period, before a new version is released. Nevertheless, for a number of reasons, fatal errors can occur, albeit very rarely.

All Palm units have a reset button, which is located inside a small hole at the back of the unit. On the older models, one would need to insert a bent paperclip gently into the hole, until one feels the slight 'click' of the reset button. On newer models such as the Tungsten E2 and Z22 units, the reset button can be pressed with the stylus.

This will activate a 'soft' reset, i.e. the PalmOS will restart itself, and one would need to go through the PalmOs start-up steps, such as tapping in the centre of the bulls-eyes and setting the date and time. In almost all cases, Palmcricket will start normally and scoring can be resumed immediately.

So always carry a paperclip with one, just in case.

Very rarely, one may find that the fatal error is so severe that the Palmcricket score-sheet has been corrupted and a 'soft' reset is unable to get it started again. Unfortunately, that is the end of that session's scoring. The only remedy then is to first hotsync the Palm with a desktop computer to see if one can at least save the archived score-sheets and the corrupted current score sheet (e-mail it to us for a repair attempt). Palmcricket must then be deleted off the Palm unit using the Palm main menu options, and re-installed from scratch, as explained in the Palmcricket manual. This will create a clean, new score-sheet. One would also need to re-enter the registration code, using the Utils, Register buttons, for Palmcricket to operate normally, i.e. not in demo mode.

Do not attempt a 'hard' reset to correct a fatal error, as this will erase all data off the Palm. 'Hard' resets are explained in the Palm operational manuals, but we do not recommend such drastic action, except as a very last resort. Contact us first.

Please report all fatal errors, both recoverable and non-recoverable, to the support team so that we can locate and correct the causes.

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