Palmcricket Manual

  Initial Installation  


To install Palmcricket on the hand-held, do the following in sequence:

  • Unzip the download file into the \Palm\Add-on or equivalent Handspring directory.
  • Use the Install Button on the Palm(TM) Desktop to add the file:
  • Pcri.prc

  • In order to activate the saving and retrieval of team sheets, also add the file:


  • The installation package includes team sheets for the 14 teams that competed in the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Adding some or all of the team sheet files listed below could be useful for familiarising oneself with team sheet procedures:

    New Zealand.pdb
    South Africa.pdb
    Sri Lanka.pdb
    The Netherlands.pdb
    West Indies.pdb

  • Initiate the HotSync(R) function.

(More detailed step-by-step instructions are provided under the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page).

No run time modules are required, and Palmcricket will create its own score-sheet database (PcriDB.PDB).The Palmcricket module provides complete scoring functionality, with the exception of infra-red printing. The following are supplementary but not essential for correct operation:

  • SCSPrint.prc: A print server third-party add-on available from Stevens Creek Software (click here to link to their download pages). It allows one to print score sheets directly from the Palm handheld via infra-red interface to a printer. We've used the Palm M100 successfully in the field with the HP Deskjet 350, and a desktop HP Laserjet 5P, but haven't tested any other printers as yet. This feature allows one to score and print matches at venues without any electrical power whatsoever, if one has access to portable battery driven printers such as the 350.

  • Palmcricket Manual: The complete Palmcricket user documentation (this file, along with 109 images in GIF format, download from here), which is recommended reading for new users.

  • Palmcricket Viewer: The free Windows companion to Palmcricket which allows one to view and/or print completed score-sheets in conventional or summarised format, or export to Excel, on desktop computers running Windows 95 or higher. Click here to download.


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