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 How many extras are recorded to a no ball + button? ? 


The number of no-balls added to extras is specified before the match starts using the buttons Match and NbRule in succession. (a default value of 1 is used if not specified). This will apply for the duration of the match. During the match, the n+ button will then function exactly like the no ball button except that the no ball rule values (0,1 or 2) will be recorded to no balls, and the value of the run button that triggers the event will be recorded to the batsman on strike.

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Normally, one need not do a thing! The default value of 1 will be correct in most instances, only change it when required for special bye-laws or match rules. In the example on the right, the no-ball rule value of 1 will be scored to no ball extras, and the score button 2 will add two runs to the striker's score. In contrast, the n button in combination with the 2 button would score 2 no-balls to extras.


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