P-Viewer Manual

  Opening a Palmcricket Score-Sheet: 


To open a Palmcricket score-sheet for viewing and/or printing, use any of the following methods:

  • Click on the "Open File" icon on the tool bar.
  • Click on the menu items "File" and "Open" on the menu bar.

  • Use the keyboard sequence ALT-F and ALT-O.

Any of these above options will result in the standard "Open File" window appearing on the screen as follows:

To navigate to the correct folder in which the score-sheet is stored, click on the "Up One Level" button, use the "Look-in:" drop down box or click on any folder name displayed in the larger central box. Once the correct folder has been located click on the required score-sheet, then on the "Open" button, or simply double click on the score-sheet name inside the larger central box.

The extension".pdb" identifies the file as being a Palm database, as transferred from a hand-held unit using the palm Hotsynch procedure. If the file is in the correct score-sheet format as recorded by Palmcricket, P-viewer will open the score-sheet and display the first page on the screen.


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