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  When I press the "Out" button, nothing happens! How do I record dismissals?


Dismissals are fairly complex events (even when scoring manually!). The steps are described below:


Step 1 : The Out button works exactly like a shift on a keyboard: on its own it does nothing, except to switch the button on or off. To activate a dismissal, tap once on the Out button to highlight it, then tap one of the active scoring buttons (?, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or >6). The ? (dot) button will be used most frequently for dismissals without runs or extras, as shown in the example. Any of the other scoring buttons will add runs to the dismissal ball, which is only possible for certain types of dismissals (e.g. run out, obstructing the field, etc.).


Since the extras buttons (w, n, b, L, n+) also work in the same way as the Out button, this approach allows one to record dismissals on extras as well (e.g. stumping on a wide, run-out on a leg-bye, etc.). In such cases, the tap sequence would be: Out, extra, run. The example on the right illustrates a typical case of two leg-byes being scored, with a run-out occurring on the third run. Here, the tap sequence is Out, L, 2. The event that triggers the dismissal is always one of the run buttons, tapped last in the sequence.


Step 2: Once the dismissal is triggered, the Out window is displayed, as shown on the right. First tap on any of the allowed methods of dismissal. Secondly, for score-sheet print-outs, it is important to record the correct fielder. This is done by tapping on the ?(down arrow) button left of the word "Unknown" (shown in red), which will "pop" up a list of fielders from which to select the correct player. In cases where either batsman can be given out, just tap on the correct player under the "Who was out" section. Once all the dismissal details are correct, tap the "Done" or "Cancel" buttons.


Step 3: The Done button on the Out window will record the dismissal in the ball-by-ball database and then fall into the Select next batsman window, shown right. Tap on the correct player to highlight the selection, then tap on the Done button, to continue with scoring after the dismissal. The Cancel will delete the dismissal event from the ball-by-ball database, and return to the main scoring window. The Break button will allow one to suspend the selection of the next button to record a stoppage in play directly after the dismissal.


Step 4: This step is optional and follows directly after the Select next batsman window after tapping the Break button. Tap any one of the 14 possible reasons for stopping play after the fall of a wicket, followed by the Done button, after which scoring will be temporary suspended. The Cancel button will delete the dismissal event from the ball-by-ball database, restore the situation to the point just prior to the dismissal, and return to the main scoring screen.


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