Palmcricket Manual

  Correcting Scoring Errors  


Undo button Errors can be corrected immediately using the left arrow (shown circled at the bottom left of the scoring block). This button is also referred to as the "back-space" or "undo" button. It will always reverse the last recorded event, except at the very start of a match. Since all events are stored in the ball-by-ball database, the back-space button can successively reverse every single event, including runs or extras, dismissals, breaks in play, start or end of an innings, or the match completion. In fact, if desired, an entire test match can be "undone" by tapping the back-space button about 2700 times! Such self-inflicted torture would never be necessary, however, since other features allow one to archive the current match and start a new match, at any time, using the same or different players.

Generally, the back-space button should be used only for correcting errors directly after the event. Since there is no "redo" facility to reinstate an event that has just been deleted, the correct event must be recorded using the normal scoring procedure. To correct an error that occurred, say 3 balls ago, would require three taps to reverse the last three balls, then three correct scoring events. In such cases, it would be more efficient to use the ball-by-ball edit facility, to correct only the specific error. Ball-by-ball edit are preferred for correcting all minor and most major scoring errors, and should always be used as the first choice.

A number of functions are available to correct player selection errors after a dismissal or the end of an over. Refer to the shuffle option on the batting summary screen for details on correcting batter selection errors and the mid-over bowling changes or bowler selection errors for details on correcting bowler selection errors.


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