Palmcricket Manual

  Scoring Normal Runs  


Scoring buttons

A scoring event is recorded by a single tap on any of the numbers (shown circled) in the scoring block located at the bottom left hand corner. The buttons labelled with dot, 1 to 6 and >6 are scoring triggers, i.e. when tapped, they immediately record the score to the batter on strike, the bowler, the batting team's total runs, the number of balls etc. They also record a scoring event in the ball-by-ball database. The dot button records a valid ball bowled, without any runs being scored.

Note that the numbered scoring buttons 1 to 6 and >6 also act in conjunction with eight "shift" buttons. These are labelled w, n, b, L and n+ for normal extras, pb and pf for penalty runs awarded to the batting and fielding sides, and Out for dismissals. The shift buttons can be toggled on or off with successive taps. When "on", they are shown highlighted, i.e. with colours reversed. To activate the shift events, one of the scoring buttons, i.e. dot, 1 to 6 and >6, must be tapped while a shift button is highlighted (see also the sections on extras, dismissals and shift buttons ).


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