Palmcricket Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I start the match? 


The current match is always recorded in the default database (PcriDB.PDB). Archive matches are just copies of the current match database at a particular point in time. So, in order to start a new match, the current match must be reset, using the following steps: 


Step 1: Complete the current match. Tap the Stop button on the main screen, and then tick the Completed box in the Stop Play window, followed by Done. This will change the match status indicator, top of the main screen to Match Completed as shown.

Step 2: Optionally save the match. Tap Utils button, followed by the Copy to archive button on the Utilities window, enter a name for the archived match and tap Copy. After completion of the copy to archive, tap the Done button to return to the main screen.



Step 3: Tap on the Start button to reset the match status to Match not started. Since the current match will now be erased completely, the program will ask you twice to confirm this action, as shown on right. Tap the Restart button on the two successive confirmation screens. The current match will be erased, and the match status will be set to Match not started.




Step 4: Now complete the forms on the match details and player names by tapping on the Match, Team 1 and Team buttons in succession. The normal Palm™ Graffiti® convention for field entry applies, such as double and triple taps, pen dragging, cut and paste etc. These windows appear as shown below. Note that up to 15 player names can be entered per team. Use the Next buttons to switch to players 12 to 15.




Step 5: Finally tap on the Start button on the main screen, to start the match. This will fall into the Select Batsman number 1, Select Batsman no 2 and Select Bowler number 1 windows, as shown in the three windows below. Highlight the correct player, and tap on the Done button, in each case. Once the players have been selected, the program returns to the main window with the match status indicator set to Match in Progress. Scoring can now commence normally.




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