Palmcricket Manual

  Batter on Strike  


On the main screen, the striker is "ticked". If for any reason this is incorrect, e.g. after a dismissal), then just tap the correct batter. Generally, the strike changes intelligently, but one needs to keep one eye on the tick at all times, batters get quite upset when one records their boundaries to another player. Note that after dismissals, the program assumes which batter will take strike, but will still pose a question to allow the scorer to override this assumption, as illustrated:

New batter on strike?

Similarly, when the batters physically run another run on a wide or no-ball, the strike will change automatically on even runs, on the assumption that one extra is the default and that a score of say 2 wides implies that the batters crossed once only. Some league bye-laws require double the extras, i.e. an ordinary wide or no-ball scores 2 runs, but this is the exception rather than the rule. After such multiple wides or no-balls, the program will pop up a reminder as to what happened to the strike. If incorrect, the strike must be changed manually, using a single tap on the correct batter.


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