Palmcricket's International Advisors

  Tim Mills - Cricket Administrator, Hilton College, South Africa  


Tim Mills Tim Mills teaches mathematics at Hilton College, the prestigious private school in the Natal Midlands. He holds a BSc (Honours) degree and an HDE from Natal University. As well as being the cricket administrator, he also coaches and manages the school's 2nd team.

Tim came across Palmcricket in February 2004. He immediately realised the software's potential to assist school coaches, scorers and umpires. When he discovered that the software had been written in South Africa, he contacted Multi-Media Publications and purchased the system for the school to try out. The first trials were successful, and Tim soon became the driving force behind Hilton College's migration towards full electronic scoring for all teams. As at December 2006, the school is using 14 Palm Zire handheld units, all supplied locally by Multi-Media Publications. More units are planned for 2007.

Not content to leave it at scoring only, Tim purchased Cricket Statz from Red-Axe, the Australian software developers, in order to record player performances with less labour-intensive effort. This also proved to be a very successful venture. Currently, matches are imported directly from Palmcricket into Cricket Statz. All score-sheets, results and player perfomances, as produced by Palmcricket and managed using Cricket Statz, are published on the school's cricket web-site, in record time.

Tim's enthusiasm and lateral thinking bring a dynamic and modern perspective to the evolution of Palmcricket. Several of his ideas and suggestions now comprise an integral part of Palmcricket.

Hilton College and Tim believe strongly in the development of less privileged schools in the surrounding KZN area. Towards this aim, Hilton College conducts science and sports seminars for educators at a peer-to-peer level on a regular basis. Tim has also been promoting Palmcricket as an ideal solution for overworked school coaches. By rolling out Palmcricket on a large scale, far more accurate match and player statistics can be collected on a provincial wide basis. This will allow for greater talent recognition and development. The creation of a comprehensive player database will have direct long-term benefits on the sustainability of quality cricket at school, provincial and national levels.

Tim, his wife Sharlene and daughters Hannah (5 yrs) and Sarah (2 yrs), live on the school premises in the most idyllic and tranquil surroundings to be found, anywhere in this world.
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