P-Viewer Manual

  Transferring Score-Sheets from PalmOs to Windows 


To transfer score-sheets from the hand-held to a desktop, laptop or a notebook computer running on Windows, one can either:

  • Use the Palm HotSynch procedure. This will place all archived score-sheets into the folder \Program Files\Palm\UserName\Backup or perhaps just Palm\UserName\Backup on older Palm Desktop installations, or even \Program Files\PalmOne\UserName\Backup on more recent (e.g. Tungsten E2) installations. From there, one can use Windows Explorer to copy the score-sheets to the folder where P-Viewer was installed (e.g. c:\CricketResults).

    (More detailed step-by-step instructions are provided under the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page)

  • Transfer archived score-sheets directly from the hand-held to the desktop or notebook computer using infra-red beaming. The desktop, laptop or notebook computer would of course, need an infra-red device to receive the beamed score-sheets.

Note that the \Program Files\Palm\UserName\Backup folder is not a safe place to store score-sheets permanently. There is substantial interaction with HotSynch in the backup folder, which could overwrite score-sheet backups with newer files. The current match is always stored in PcriDB. PDB, whereas other score-sheets can be recognised by the name under which they were archived, e.g. Pakistan_vs_India.PDB, OxfordCambridge.PDB etc.


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