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The Utils button brings up the Utilities screen that offers a number of facilities. Currently, the active buttons are Print, Targets, Register, Cumul, Manhat, Accolades, Save, Restore, Delete and Beam, as shown:

Utils Button Utilities

The Print button will print the full score sheet directly to a printer via the infra-red interface. It requires the Stevens Creek Software print server to activate the infra-red protocols (see notes at the start of this manual).

The Targets, Cumul and Manhat buttons will display screens similar to the samples below:

Setting/viewing targets Cumulative graph

Manhattan graph

The dots on the graphic screens indicate fall of wickets. Prev and Next buttons allow one to view other innings in the match, if any. Left and right arrows scroll the graphic screens horizontally, so that one can view the graphs over the entire range of overs. Due to pixel limitations, only 50 overs fit on the screen.

The Accolades button allows one to view or set the accolades interval, as described under Accolades

The Registration button is visible only at the start of a match, and is used to enter the registration code. The code can be obtained by buying a licence via the Palmcricket website.


Type in the registration code and tap on the Register button to activate the registration.

Save, Restore and Delete buttons allow one to manage match archives, by saving from or restoring to the current match, or deleting older archives no longer required, as per the following screens:

Save to archive Restore from arcvive

Delete archive

When saving to archive, the name must be unique, otherwise the save will be rejected. When restoring from or deleting a specific archive, the archives on file will be displayed. Tap on the archive name, followed by the Restore or Delete buttons to execute the command.

The full current match is always stored automatically throughout, which means there is no need for constant "back-ups". One loses nothing when accessing other applications on one's handheld. For example, it's useful to record memos during the course of the match. The odd back-up during a match can be done at any time, but it's not critical.

When using the Palm Hotsync utility, the current and all archived matches are transferred into the \Palm\Username\Backup directory, from where they must be transferred manually using the Windows Explorer (R) to a folder where they will not be affected by subsequent Hotsync procedures. These match files can be viewed or printed using the Palmcricket Viewer (available as a separate download). This is explained in more detail in the readme.txt file in the viewer download.

The Beam button allows one to beam an archived match across to another handheld computer using infra-red communication, as illustrated in the following sequence:

Beam utility Beaming preparation

For this technique to be effective, the infra-red "eyes" of the beaming and receiving handheld devices should be in direct visual contact with each other.


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