P-Viewer Manual

  Installing P-Viewer 


To install on Windows 95 or equivalent operating system:

  • Unzip the download file to a new folder e.g. C:\Scores
  • The following files should appear in the folder:
    • P-Viewer.exe (the complete application).
    • World Cup 2003 Final.pdb (Sample score-sheet).
    • Readmev.txt (installation notes).

  • Use Windows Explorer to locate the folder (e.g. C:\Scores).
  • Double click on P-Viewer.exe (or create a shortcut by right clicking on the desktop).

P-Viewer is a stand-alone executable that does not require any other components or DLL's. No other files (hidden or otherwise) are created or modified when using the software. The windows registry is also not affected by installation or usage of P-Viewer.

To uninstall the software, simply delete the folder where P-Viewer was installed.


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