Palmcricket Frequently Asked Questions

  So where can I buy Palm units?  


When we're able to locate suitable Palm Zire 21 or Tungsten E2 units in bulk, our South African order form will show this and you will be able to order from us directly. Unfortunately, we ship only to addresses in South Africa. All our units are guaranteed for 3 months.

Here are a few suggestions for buying suitable Palm handhelds elsewhere:
  • Buy Tungsten E2 units online from pcmall if you're based in South Africa, or Price Runner if in the UK.
  • eBay is another good source for locating good quality second-hand Palms from the UK , or the USA. Look for the buydirect symbol, otherwise you may need to bid in an auction. You would first need to register a credit card with PayPal, which is quite easy to do, and very secure.
  • Unless you are based there, units ordered from the USA may have the wrong type of power supply, i.e. wrong voltage and cycle frequency (110 Volts, 60 Hz as opposed to 220 Volts, 50 Hz), so you would need to make sure that they are supplied with the multi-country adapters. If not, power adapters for most Palm units can be obtained separately from suppliers in China or Hong Kong. For example, let's say you find a supplier of Palm Zire 21 units on USA eBay, but they only have a USA adapter. Depending on available stock, you could then order multi-country adapters such as the PHIHONG PSM02R-055 or the PHIHONG PSM02R-055(UK) from PCHub (only for the Palm Zire and Zire 21, other units will require a different adapter).
Happy hunting!


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