Palmcricket Frequently Asked Questions

Hotsynch doesn't work on Windows 7 or Windows Vista?

Where do I find more information for my particular Palm model?

So where can I buy Palm units?

I've downloaded the demo software, what do I do now?

Help! I've tried everything, but nothing works!

How do I change the Palm User Name on the handheld?

The main screen is very "busy". What does it all mean?

How do I start the match?

How do I score normal balls?

How do I correct mistakes immediately?

What about extras?

When I tap the "Out" button, nothing happens. How do I record a dismissal?

How many extras are recorded to a no ball + button?

But I don't have a printer with an infra-red port! What do I do now?

Which Palm handheld models are suitable for Palmcricket?

How do I extend my Palm's battery life?

Help! The Palm's battery expired and I've lost everything. What now?

Help! Palmcricket crashed with a fatal error during a match. What do I do now?

Does Palmcricket run on Pocket PC, and if so, how do I handle this?

Upon what programming philosophy is Palmcricket based?

Who is the author of Palmcricket?

What other questions are there?


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